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GearUp is a simple and effective Learning Management System, simplifying Learning and Training for businesses, educational/coaching institutes, students, and teachers.

To gear up is to get ready or to prepare for something. The tag line of Gearup is - solve to evolve. Solve means find an answer to, explanation for, or means of effectively dealing with a problem or mystery, and to evolve is to develop gradually.

True to its name, GearUp prepares the users to tackle both usual and unforeseen work situations, keeping them ahead of the curve which has quite become a necessity with the dawn of the fast-paced competitive world.

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application to train students, professionals, and teams by delivering content, assigning tests and training sessions, and providing constructive feedback.

A learning Management System is a system that helps you to accomplish day-to-day learning tasks like conducting exams, checking reports and providing feedback, providing study material, etc. in a hassle-free way. The Learning Management System is a very important & helpful tool for an organization, for creating a knowledge database to train people throughout teams in an organization. It also allows them to organize training sessions, and do many more tasks which makes online training easy and efficient.

It is also helpful for educational institutes like schools, colleges & coaching classes which can ease out the stress of teachers and students, for creating and assigning a test repeatedly.

Using more or less the same tools as other Learning Management Systems as Q and A, Reports and Analytics, how is GearUp different? GearUp does things differently leading to different, fruitful, and positive results. GearUp uses a simple tool - Multiple Choice Q and A (simple and time-efficient) and augments it integrated with Media (Images, Videos) This makes Training engaging, effective, and less boring.

GearUp takes the stress out of Training your team, by making it automated, time-efficient, and impactful - for both you and your team. When you convert your training material/content into Questions,

  1. It makes training engaging for the team members, as it stimulates them to think. It makes it 2-way rather than them watching a long video or reading a boring article.

  2. It saves time and increases precision and efficiency for the organization as a whole, as your team is ready with the required knowledge to tackle both usual and unforeseen work situations.

To work is to take decisions and to make decisions is to think. When you work, problems are bound to cross your path. Solving them is easy when you know beforehand how to solve them.

What does it take to effectively deal with a problem? Identifying the problem, analyzing the problem, and thinking on the feet to find ways to solve it. But thinking on feet is not everyone’s cup of tea. Thus, GearUp puts forth a three-step solution.

Simulate. Think. Take action.

Convert the situation into ‘What will you do?’ questions and let your employees interact with it regularly until the thinking becomes streamlined, the response gets right and the solution becomes automatic. Like this, when responding to challenging work situations becomes a habit, there you save individual and collective time – of the employee and your company.

GearUp is for everyone - Business from every domain and every team - small or large. To name a few, GearUp is crafted for a multitude of industries like -

  1. Educational and Coaching Institute - Schools, Colleges, Universities, Special coaching institutes

  2. Corporate companies and Businesses - Airlines, Automotive, Energy, Finance, Healthcare, Hospitality, Franchise, Retail, Technology, Telecommunications

  3. Training Institutes


With the Multiple Choice Question and Answer format that GearUp offers, it is effective for varied uses - like Training, Testing, Exams, onboarding, SOPs i.e. standard operating procedures, and even performance appraisals.

Yes, GearUp does offer a 'KNOWLEDGE HUB', where you can store, manage and share the important data or documents - that could be your training content, SOPs, on-boarding documents or even project files.

Yes, GearUp offers a one year free plan.

Frequently Asked Questions

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