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GearUp_features_learning management system india

GearUp has all the features redefining the way you train your workforce.

Just focus on your training content, GearUp will take care of everything else.

GearUp_masters_learning management system india
GearUp_test_learning management system india

Save time and streamline training with Scheduling

Make yourself free from the hassle of assigning tests every week or month. With Scheduler in GearUp, assign tests to group or individual users as per your choice- weekly/monthly/quarterly or yearly.

GearUp_question_learning management system india
GearUp_question_mobile_learning management system india

In this Content and Media age, why should you stay behind?

In order for something to truly stick, the experience surrounding the given teaching moment needs to be interactive. Make the learning material relevant and concise, presented in different formats - Videos and Images.

GearUp_result_learning management system india
GearUp_result_mobile_learning management system india

Perfection is Boring.

Getting better is where all the fun is.

Encourages your team to take the test in a repetitive manner until all the questions are answered correctly.

GearUp_report_learning management system india
GearUp_learning_mobile_learning management system india

Train, Test, Implement.

That is how learning happens.

Assign your tests in your dual-mode - Exam and Training to ensure. Training mode ensures the user learns and understands everything by looping the test until all the questions are answered correctly.

GearUp_subject-wise reports_learning management system india
GearUp_test-wise report_mobile_learning management system india

Reports let you identify strengths and weaknesses

Get quick reports to understand the problem areas and give feedback accordingly.

Solve To Evolve.

GearUp_dashboard_live test_learning management system india
GearUp_dashboard_reports_learning management system india

Stay ahead of the curve with all-inclusive dashboard

Keep yourself and your team updated about recent Tests, Reports, and Performance. Analyze and Monitor with a single click.

GearUp_feedback_learning management system india
GearUp_question-wise_feedback_learning management system india

Improvement is driven by feedback.

Keep users engaged, understand problem areas and give constructive feedback accordingly.

GearUp_question bank_learning management system india

Create once, use forever!

Add the questions once and use them repeatedly in multiple tests, anytime, anywhere with Question Bank!

GearUp_knowledge hub_learning management system india
GearUp_files_knowledge hub_learning management system india

Knowledge is the new rich!

Store, Manage and Share Documents, SOPs, Training materials, and Reports efficiently.

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