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Get Your hands-on GearUp- Best LMS software in India

To gear up is to get ready or to prepare for something. As GearUp’s tagline goes, ‘Solve to Evolve’ Solve means to find an answer to, explanation for, or means of effectively dealing with a problem, and to evolve is to develop gradually.

True to its name, GearUp prepares the learners to tackle both usual and unforeseen work situations, keeping them ahead of the curve which has quite become a necessity with the dawn of the fast-paced competitive world.


GearUp strives to help employees or students in being well prepared to handle any problems that might come their way making it the best LMS software in India. This e-learning platform has a variety of testing avenues for training or conducting exams for the organization.

In industries like automobiles, healthcare, critical technology, and communications, there is little margin for error. Therefore, the training has to be very efficient and needs to be fully grasped by the trainees. GearUp’s LMS can certainly help in efficient, self-paced, and exhaustive training.

A product by Softrix Solutions

Best Learning Management System (LMS Software) In India

An effective and easy Learning Management System (LMS) for Corporate companies, Businesses, Educational and Training Institutes.

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GearUp_businesses_	learning management system india


GearUp_cutomer support staff_	learning management system india

Customer Support Staff

GearUp_hospitality_	learning management system india


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GearUp_teaching_	learning management system india


And for many more..

GearUp is for everyone

GearUp is beneficial for everyone – This LMS/ training management system is an effective tool for Training, Exams, onboarding, SOPs i.e. standard operating procedures, and even performance appraisals. Businesses from every domain and every team - small or large can benefit from it.

GearUp_school students_	learning management system india

School Students

GearUp is a simple LMS tool that brings about significant changes

GearUp is a Learning Management System/training management system, a versatile tool to learn, train, change or create habits and behavioral patterns leading to deep-rooted learning. Born out of need and aimed to solve problems, GearUp provides a simple and effective training solution for corporate, businesses, training institutes, educational institutes like schools, colleges & coaching classes, and much more. It is helpful to ease out the stress of admins and employees, teachers and students, for creating and attempting training/exams repeatedly. 

GearUp believes that to work is to solve problems efficiently by identifying the issue at hand, analyzing it, and eliminating it from its roots. Thus, it proposes a 3 step formula for solving problems successfully:

Simulate. Think. Take action.

Simulation involves nurturing the employees to strive to find out issues in the job at hand. Thinking and taking calculated actions towards solving this issue is what the employees should streamline. GearUp aims to inculcate this 3 step formula in its e-learners through its interactive learning model.

GearUp is a simple LMS tool_	learning management system india

Time-efficient and automated training

Managing a big workforce becomes a herculean task when you have to spend unnecessary time on giving the same instructions and training again and again. With GearUp, we have you covered. Let your devices handle training for you so you can use your crucial asset, Time, more productively.

The saying 'Half knowledge is dangerous' has much deeper impacts when it comes to businesses as it can cause serious losses when the people working don't have 100% knowledge about what they are doing and the consequences. With GearUp's training management system in your organization, eliminate such bitter consequences by training your employees to be ready for both usual and unforeseen challenges.

Prevention is


Change cannot be ordered. That is not how the brain works. GearUp-best LMS software in India brings about learned change and not instructed. Crafted for Businesses and Students, where transformation and learning form the cornerstone of the work processes.

Transformative Training and Learning

KT (Knowledge Technology) is the new IT

Knowledge cannot be unloaded like information. It needs to be transferred effectively with an effective tool and GearUp does just that! Knowledge Technology is about imparting knowledge, effecting decisions, and making changes happen.

In the sea of learning management systems,

What makes GearUp the best LMS software in India?

• Dashboard and Reports

• Knowledge Hub

• Media - Videos, Images

• Training Mode

GearUp_dashbord_	learning management system india
GearUp_mobile_version_	learning management system india

Simple for you. Effective for your team.

What is Learning Management System?

A learning management system (LMS) is a software application to automate all the learning processes and train students, professionals, and teams by delivering content, assigning tests /training sessions, and providing constructive feedback.  A Learning management system is also called a training management system (TMS), learning activity management system, or even learning experience platform (LXP).​

An LMS handles all the aspects of the learning process and helps to accomplish day-to-day learning tasks like conducting exams, checking reports, and providing feedback, study material, etc. in a hassle-free way. LMS software application is a very important & helpful tool for an organization, creating a knowledge database to train people throughout teams in an organization. It also allows them to organize training sessions and do many more tasks which makes online training easy and efficient. GearUp is the best LMS software for Corporates, Businesses, Training institutes, and more. It is easy to use and cost effective Training management system in India. 

Effective Edification

GearUp LMS/ training management system takes the stress out of Training your team, by making it automated, time-efficient, and impactful. When training material/content is converted into Questions, it makes training engaging for the team members, as it stimulates them to think. It saves time and increases precision and efficiency for the organization, as your team is ready with the required knowledge to tackle both usual and unforeseen work situations.

Why should you use GearUp and how it is beneficial?

Consistent Training

“Consistency is the key to success”, a famous saying almost everybody knows but applied by few. Consistency in training is very crucial to get good results. GearUp provides a centralized repository for new and existing employees, and gives a consistent training experience by supplying the same content, knowledge, and instructions.


GearUp is a cost-efficient Learning management system in India as it automates and enhances the training process, thus optimizing the cost spent on training, facilities, and instructors. GearUp’s automation will save the cost of travelling, materials like stationary, notes, printouts.


GearUp provides a very useful feature which is generating training or exam reports to help keep track of the employees/students, encourage them to learn, develop faster and achieve their goals.

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